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On the topic of all things TECHNICAL...


Q1: How does it perform, can I run my software on it?

Recompute is a modern, full-functioning workstation computer running Windows 7 or Linux. Please see our Buy Now page for more information.

Q2: Is there a CD/DVD/Blue Ray drive in the machine?

There are no optical drives in Recompute. The reason is that the disk drives are slowly being phased out as we are using them less and less with the advent of Internet and USB storage devices. When a optical drive is needed we plug in a compact USB powered drive. The beauty of this is that when we need a drive (or any accessory) we just plug it in, and when we are done we can unplug it, just like electrical outlets in your home. You can have one drive that services many computers, which lives an independent life from the rest of the machine(s). You can order our recommended USB powered CD/DVD-RW drive though the Accessories section of the web store.

Q3: How many hard drives can I fit in it?

The machine will fit a 2.5” SATA drive, plus you can add a mini IDE solid state flash drive as well. If you wanted, all the main drives can be upgraded to solid state.

Q4: Can I get it without an OS?

Yes, just let us know when ordering that you want your Recompute with no operating system.

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